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With StarHub’s Fibre broadband plans, you can enjoy high-speed connectivity of up to 1Gbps over Singapore’s Next-Generation Nationwide Broadband Network, lower latency and faster connections to gaming servers and unlimited international bandwidth at all times. * Assured Typical Speed of 20 Mbps 95% of the time all the time.

Unbeatable Experience

With StarHub directly connected to the game servers of leading game publishers in Singapore, it means you get to enjoy popular online games with better latency and consistent, higher-performance connectivity.

Dedicated local Bandwidth & Unlimited International Bandwidth*

Feel instant uplift to your gaming experience with faster, consistent connection and lag free when you are playing the games connected directly on our network!
View your latency to the local game servers of each game title below.

Get the most out of your online gaming experience with StarHub Gaming

Subscribed Download Speed* 100Mbps 200Mbps 300Mbps 1Gbps
Monthly Subscription $39.90 $49.90 $59.90 $395.90
Upload Speed
Speed Boost
100Mbps 200Mbps 300Mbps Up to 500Mbps
Upload Speed Assured 20Mbps^^
Speed Boost
Assured 25Mbs^^ Assured 30Mbps^^
Speed Boost
  • Trail blazing fibre broadband connection.
  • High speed equal upload & download bandwidth.
  • Unlimited International Bandwidth
  • Direct connection to game servers operated by leading game publishers
  • Free Wireless AC Dual-Band Router